Evaluating opportunity

We are focused on select industry verticals in the underserved lower middle market. We deliberately seek opportunities in these sectors. We look for strategically well-positioned companies with seasoned management teams and proven business models that are at an inflection point in the company’s development. We evaluate these prospective investments using a systematic and analytical investment approach.

  • Is the company competitively positioned to meet the needs of a growing market (sustainable competitive advantage)?
  • Is there potential to take the company to the next level?
  • Can we help to realize that potential?
  • What are the 3-7 key initiatives post investment to increase net free cash flow?
Sector-Focused Investing

We develop an analytical, not anecdotal, framework to evaluate select industry sectors. This framework is augmented by our network of senior executives and leaders within each sector. Through this sector knowledge and network, we view ourselves as an industry buyer, not a transactionally-driven financial buyer.